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My Books

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The Infinite City

The Infinite City combines narrative history, biography and philosophy to show how London has been the hive of visionary thought for centuries.


Utopian thinking has long been a reflection of the needs and deficiencies of the day. In this book, I explore the imaginative worlds of Thomas More, the Diggers, William Morris,  Extinction Rebellion protestors and many other visionary Londoners.


Beginning in the sixteenth century and stretching to the contemporary transformation of London's docklands and to the COVID lockdowns, The Infinite City shows how London’s spirit has been one of utopian imagination amid relentless change and innovation.

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A Little History of Economics

Starting in ancient times, A Little History of Economics tells of the great economic thinkers alongside the historical events that shaped them. Written for everyone, even complete beginners, the book demystifies economics, a subject that’s usually laden with baffling jargon.


Here economics comes to life as a dramatic story of debate and struggle between people who so often disagreed about how to solve the urgent problems of their times. The book ends in the present day in the middle of our own version of this struggle as we try to decide what to do about poverty, inequality and financial crisis. 

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