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I write about visionary social thinkers and the history of ideas. I'm particularly interested in economics, utopianism and the history of cities.


I’m currently working on a new book, The Infinite City: Utopian Dreams on the Streets of London, which will be published by William Collins. I’ve long been fascinated by quirky, unorthodox kinds of social thought and by the history of London, a city of cities that over the centuries has been a grand theatre of money and power as well as of social dreaming and radical action. The Infinite City brings these threads together to celebrate the city and its utopian dreamers. My hope is to capture something of the zest and creativity of London’s visionaries and to show how today they can be a source of inspiration for our collective imagination.


My most recent book, A Little History of Economics, is an account of economic thought and events from ancient times to the present. You can find out more about it here.

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